Hi gang! I wanted to write a quick post bringing everyone up to speed on Jake’s whereabouts in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma.


As most of you know Hurricane Irma swept up the western coast of Florida and I gotten a ton of emails asking if Jake and his mother are alright. I wanted to assure all of the awesome fans that both Jake and his mother are fine. The Yeoman survived with a little cosmetic damage. Nothing Jake can’t fix. Jake and his mother weathered the storm and no one was injured although they lost power at the ALF where Mary Elise lives for a few days. In short, it was a lot of wind and rain but nothing major. 

Oh, I’m fine too, by the way. Thanks for asking. 

On a more serious note, book 3 is still slated for December. I lost power for several days but I’m back at work and making good progress. I still haven’t made my research trip yet for all of you awaiting pics from my adventures. I hope to later in October and I’ll be sure to update you all with a few teaser photos. 

Thanks for all the love, support and letters asking after my well being. You all rock! I couldn’t ask for better fans.

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