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Here you’ll find helpful tools for finishing your novel and step by step instructions to create an online presence and actually sell your writing and make a living from it.


Who are we? We are a collection of authors and professional editors that have teamed up to share our hard earned wisdom about winning in the cut throat world of self-publishing. We’ve written books that have over a million downloads and our novels have cracked Amazon.com’s top 100 hard-boiled bestsellers. 

We’ve been writing for years and learned a lot about the process of crafting fiction. But stories without an audience don’t pay the rent. We struggled in anonymity for years until we learned to find our “tribe” and create a successful online presence that drives sales. Now we are free to write full time.

We would like to say it was easy… It’s not. It requires a lot of know-how, countless hours of researching online market places, understanding SEO, creating covers that capture a reader’s attention and crafting blurbs that convince them to press the ‘purchase’ button. There are a thousand other little things that go into making a bestseller.

Whether you are writing your first novel, or you’re already published and struggling to get noticed on Amazon, we can teach you how to market and actually sell your book. And if you don’t have it written yet, this is a good place to start.

Meet The Authors

William Miller
After 9/11, William left a career in photography to join the United States Army. He has travelled the world and authored four hard-boiled mystery and detective thriller novels for Delight Publishing. An ardent supporter of the Second Amendment, he collects firearms and spends a lot of time at the range. He enjoys military thrillers, mysteries and sword and sorcery. When not writing, he can be found rock climbing, playing guitar and haunting smoke-filled jazz clubs. He is currently at work on the next Jake Noble thriller. Follow him on twitter @NobleManAuthor and his website www.NobleVengeance.com
Nadia Rebel

A Ukrainian immigrant and former exotic dancer with a bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth, Nadia has a passion for American history. By day, she teaches Gothic Literature to undergrads and spends her evenings teaching tango to senior citizens.  She sleeps with a gun under her pillow and lives in New Hampshire with a Siberian Husky named “Trigger”.

Hunter Conrad

Hunter grew up in Montana and joined the police force at the age of 22. (It was that or get an education.) He was an officer in Denver, before turning his attention to writing. His first story was published in the now defunct magazine Mouth Full of Bullets. He is a competitive bodybuilder and muscle car enthusiast. When he is not working on a story, he’s either riding his gelding “Ranger” or working on his Camaro. He lives on a ranch with his wife and their two daughters.

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